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Surfing in Kerry


Kerry has one of the most beautiful coastlines in Ireland and the various bays, inlets and beaches make it a great place to have a surf trip. The roads can at best be described as scenic and it can be time consuming to drive between breaks however to best enjoy Kerry you dont want to be in a rush anyway. Kerry can be best accessed from Cork or Shannon airports and both have numerous great value airlines operating. The Kerry coastline has a multitude of breaks which operate on diffferent swell directions and wind directions. A bit of local knowledge goes a long way. Brandon Bay is probably the centre of surfing in Kerry espicially in summer.

The Surf

The Kerry coastline has a multitude of breaks which operate on diffferent swell directions and wind directions. Kerry catches swells from a range of angles and in summer can often pick up thesmall south west swells making it as consistent as anywere in Ireland. Comunenole is probably the swell sucker for the area and can often produce great waves in a stunning setting.


The climate/water temp/seasons

A 3/2 wetsuit is fine from May to September with water temps in the 12 to 16 degrees range. The Irish weather is as hard to predict as the lottery and is very unpredicably. The gulf ctream does warm the water and it can be warmer than you would expect.

The Autumn (September/October) is often descibed as the surf season as the water temp is still warm from the summer and hurricanes swells can produce big surf in the 6 to 10foot range. It can also be the time of year when there is crowds athe more famous reef breaks but seek and you can still find. A 4/3 is the best suit at this time of year.

The summer/spring is great for beginner/intermediate surfers as the smaller swells can mean good waves on the open beaches. The long days also allow us to surf after 11pm but the summer can produce long flat spells. Also when there is good waves it can be less crowded than the Autumn.

The winter is cold and dark with strong winds but if with plenty of sheltered breaks the surf can be epic. Often no problem with swell but chasing the offshore wind is crucial. A 5/3 suit is essential but search arround and you can find empty world class waves.


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