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Climbing in Dingle

Situated in Dingle, Play At Height is possibly the largest Climbing Wall in Ireland. Experience the ultimate in climbing, swinging, soaring, surfing, zipping and freefalling thrills. So why not climb out of your comfort zone on the spectacular rock-faced wall or take a leap of faith from the amazing Outdoor Freefall?
And that's not all. From bouldering to sky-surfing, from high-wires to ziplines Play At Height is all about fun and adventure.

Beginners: Start on some nice easy slab climbs, lots of big hand holds and a sloping wall make for a great climbing area to start on. Your safety will be assured using either autobelays devices or with the instructors holding your ropes for you.

Intermediates: There is a huge range of climbing to help you improve your climbing skills and techniques. Learn to lead on the easier slabs or push your grades on the feature wall - its up to you. There is also a dedicated bouldering wall where you can work on a wide range of well set problems.

Advanced: All of the climbing routes at the wall are bolted for leading. The main lead wall has an 8.5 metre overhang and is 12.5 metres high! There are graded climbs up to 8a , but the feature wall has multiple possibilities to create your own routes and push your limits. Play At Height also hosts national competitions annually.

High Ropes: Looking for a challenge? Experience the thrill of an outdoor highropes course. There are two levels, one at 15 feet the other at 35 feet!

The lower level is designed for families and groups, with a brilliant continuous rail belay system which keeps you safe all the way.You can walk the plank, scale the cargo net, tackle the wobbly bridge and much more. The course has 10 different elements to it!

The upper level is designed for over 16s only. This course is much more challenging with elements such as the aerial surf board, swinging logs and 2 zip wires to keep the adrenaline running!!

Freefall: Have the freefall adventure of your life without the need for a parachute or bungie cord strapped to your ankle.... then have a gentle landing in a controlled environment with the thrilling outdoor freefall! Get a great view of Kerry from 40ft up before you experience the thrill of your life.

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