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February 27, 2012

Ireland is famous and popular for friendly people, traditions, history, culture and beauty. Moreover, Irish people are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. The popular and famous locations in Ireland are Kerry, Cork, Belfast and Dublin. Now we will discuss that how people can plan to trip to Ireland and should use information provided by Ireland Tourism . In order to plan a perfect trip people should follow some instructions. Firstly, visitors should find the best accommodation in Ireland. In order to find the best accommodation, people should visit the website of  Ireland tourism and people can view different photos of each county along with important contact information.

People can fly into the Dublin airport because Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. Many tourists begin their tour from Dublin. People wishing to travel to Kerry have the choice of flying into Kerry airport, but both Cork airport and Shannon airport are about one hours drive to Kerry making Kerry very accessible for air travellers. People can  travel by rail or by car. According to research  rail is considered to be the best option because it is fastest and easiest. Last important instruction is that people should know his/her destination. People should visit the countryside of Ireland. Moreover, person should drive in County Leitrim and Enniskillen. Visitors to Ireland should visit ancient treasures and old castles such as Cahir castle and Rock of castle. Ireland is famous and popular for old castles, beautiful landscape and natural scenery.
On the whole after discussing how to plan a trip to Ireland it is easy to conclude that if any people want to visit Ireland then people should follow the above mentioned instructions. Furthermore, before making any type of plan visitors thinking of planning a trip to Ireland should conduct complete and wide research related to Ireland and its famous and popular places or locations. For all those people who want to spend their vacations they should visit Ireland and make their holidays more memorable and special.

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